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The artist

Aurélie Galibois is currently a Gobelins, Paris student enrolled in the Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking Master program. Originally from the North Shore of Montreal, she first completed a double DCS in Natural sciences and visual arts at Saint-Jérôme Cegep, then an Art and science of animation bachelor’s degree at Laval University in Quebec City before taking off to France. Aurélie’s curiosity and her love of work and learning might have pushed her towards animation and illustration but she still experiments with varied techniques and numerous materials, going from painting to performance and touching on comic writing and photography on the way.

The process

For her personal production, Aurélie approaches art under all its forms with poetic and polysemic considerations. She looks for links whilst playing with idioms, unusual words, varied definitions or translations. Her pieces usually contain a mystery to elucidate regarding the way their different parts work together; the project titles sometimes act as clues, keystones or missing puzzle pieces. First and foremost, Aurélie likes to spark playful reflexions that shine a light on the quirks of language and communication.

Photo artistique d'Aurélie Galibois
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